"Thymian" Textile Necklace

The "Thymian" necklace is individually handmade using pressed and lacquered textile that has been surface patterned at my studio here in the Ox Mountains on the Wild Atlantic Seaboard of Ireland. Wind-swept and rugged, I get my ideas for textures from my surroundings. The shapes and styles are influenced however by the geometric glamour of early Hollywood and the edginess of Glam Rock!

This statement necklace is a one-of-a-kind in my own surface patterned textile in textured blue and off-white. It has a silver and aubergine sgraffito recessed panel in the middle. It's finished in high gloss coating and is pleather backed (so it's lovely and soft!). The chain is silver plated oval curb and measures 46cm in total length, and the pendant measures 7cm in width and 9cm in length.

This necklace comes in a gift box.

As this necklace is a one-of-a-kind, when sold it'll be marked as such. However, if you love the style, and would like a similar one made for you, just get in touch. I can also make variations based on this style.

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