About Us


Our Art Jewellery is entirely designed and handmade by Frances McGonigle at the Rothlú studio in the Ox Mountains, Mayo, Ireland. 

This is a remote and beautiful place not far from the Atlantic Seaboard. The Ox Mountains are pre-Ice Age and absolutely chock-full of megalithic sites- dinosaur bones even turn up here once in a while! The studio placement is very key to the various textures,  colours and shapes of our pieces.  Rothlú Jewellery is an amalgam of surface patterns that evoke the effect of weather on wood, stone, sand and soil in this area, and colours that reflect the popping colours of the abundant wild flowers, hedgerows and ever-changing hues of the sea. All this nature is either on the doorstep or close by.

As well as the inspiration offered by the location, there is an added layer to all our pieces due to the surface pattern techniques (Balinese, Japanese) used to achieve the exceptional one-off designs found in the textiles that we use to make our Jewellery. And it doesn't hurt that we currently love, and aspire to inject into our designs some element of either glam 70's, silent film era stars and the romantic and saturated colours of Emil Nolde. Or maybe all of these at once!

Design heroes aside, Rothlú's vision is to create and deliver a lovely wearable art piece that will brighten your day, lift your spirits and make you feel good. We product all of our pieces in the studio, ethically, with the best materials and with enormous attention to detail. Every item is one-of-a-kind. We are very happy to work with our clients to produce special bespoke pieces- please do get in touch if you have something in mind.

Frances' paintings can be found at: http://franmagon.wix.com/francesmcgonigle