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    Four years ago my friend and I braved the howling dogs of Pushkar (they howl there all night) to beat the desert heat by rising at 4.30am in order to climb up to Savitri temple. In India I was fully taken by the billowing clouds of silk, unfurled and displayed liberally by various vendors anytime an interest in a particular fabric was expressed. The silks would be so neatly folded, and next thing- silk chaos! I felt guilty at asking to see stock, thinking of the ensuing hours of folding. Now that I hand-pattern my own silks I'm always happy to showcase them, all of them, full width. Why not! Folding isn't a big deal. Whisper it- ironing is (pet hate)!

    Showcasing the beauty of fabric is an art. The more nonchalant (seemingly) the better. I love to see material in landscape- draped across rock or bark, or being whipped by the sea breeze. I tried 'styling' my own silks in my garden at one point. See below...


    ...I hadn't thought it through. Ahem!

    Whoever hung the shawl at the Savitri Temple got the fabric-in-landscape just about perfect. And I highly doubt it was styled. Or self-conscious in any way.

    Just that view at dawn over Pushkar lake framed by the beautiful material. It was breathtaking.