Silk Scarves

Rothlú Silk Scarves are handmade in small batches using shibori or shibori/batik techniques. They are carefully hand dyed in colours that reflect the flora and fauna, the sea and the earth that surrounds us in this little patch in the North West Atlantic seaboard of Ireland. 

The Shibori Method of Patterning: 

This is a Japanese technique of surface patterning cloth by employing pleating, binding, compressing and clamping to create a resist. Dye is then applied in different ways. Patterns form according to the "shape" and direction of the resist. Shibori is an exciting way of creating surface patterns that never fail to surprise and delight.

The Batik Method of Patterning:

Here at the Rothlú studio we use traditional methods of batik patterning, utilising tools such as tjaps and tjantings along with brushwork to create contemporary creations. We usually combine the two disciplines of shibori and batik in our most elaborate one-off silk scarves.


Our Inspiration: 

It's out the studio window and all around us. Nature and all her colours grant us all the inspiration we need.


Our Silks:

We are currently patterning on feather-light pongee silk for our Shibori Long Skinny and Neck Square scarves. We use a beautiful flat crêpe silk, which has a gorgeous sheen with a slight nape, for our Shibori Classic Square. For our Shibori/Batik scarves, those rare ones, we use crêpe de chine, charmeuse, or stone-washed crêpe. Depending on the mood that takes us. All very luxurious. Each scarf is hand-hemmed in the traditional manner, thus allowing the silk to drape naturally.