Shibori/Batik Silk Scarves

Rothlú silk scarves are completely handcrafted and designed in the North West of Ireland. Because of the processes we use, they are made in small batches. They are hand-dyed variously in luminous, earthy, vivid and soft colours, reflecting the natural habit around our studio. Before dyeing, they are carefully sewn, rolled, pleated, wrapped, compressed and bound Shibori style- a Japanese technique of creating resists that result in patterns. A very limited number of our silks are patterned using shibori AND batik processes. We use batik tjantings, tjaps and brushes to create stunning contemporary designs on top of a shibori pattern. All our silks are hand-hemmed.

Commissions are welcome. We can hand dye and pattern to match and compliment an array of hues and styles. Simply contact us.