Handmade Notebooks

Rothlú notebooks are handmade, hand-patterned and hand-bound. No ordinary notebooks- each is a complete original. The A6 size is perfect for carrying in your bag or pocket. Every notebook has 40 leaves of plain cream FSC acid-free paper that provides a lovely surface for jotting, doodling, note-taking and sketching. We currently craft two types of notebook covers:

  • Traditionally hand marbled at the Rothlú studio on 250gsm Canson paper. Marbling creates vibrantly coloured dramatic swirled and combed patterns. Each one unrepeatable. Fun fact: Ebru marbling from Turkey was used for important documents to prevent forgery, such is the distinctiveness of each marbled piece!
  • Hand batik on soft textured paper. At the Rothlú studio we batik paper using brushes, tjaps and tjantings - traditional batik tools - as the muse guides us! Our batik "In Flight" notebooks are that little bit extra special, with flying bird embellishments. You can be a proud solo bird, or one of a pair. Poetic. Each one is a unique piece.